Accident At Work

Accident at Work Personal Injury Law Claims

Accidents in the workplace can place a particularly high burden on employers due to worker’s compensation claims. The best way to tackle this issue is to know where the biggest risks lie. Once you are aware of the most common causes of injury you can take action to make safety in the workplace a priority through education and changes in procedure.

The most common accidents involve trips, falls and slips. This can be due to items being left in walkways, spills that are not cleaned up immediately and changes in elevation that are not clearly marked. By encouraging employees to take action to remove hazards immediately you can greatly reduce the frequency of these types of accidents. Marking all walkways including stairs can also help them become more visible.

Muscle strains are the second most common result of accidents in the workplace. This is largely due to employees using improper methods when lifting heavy objects. Taking the time to reinforce the proper lifting technique to employees can help reduce this type of injury. Also advising them to avoid straining themselves by overreaching and twisting can be of benefit.

Interestingly, being hit by falling objects is another major cause of accidents. One means that many employers use to prevent this is to require that heavy items are only stored below head level. While this is not always possible, it is also important to train employees to ensure that when items are stored at higher levels they take the time to ensure that they are secure. Additionally, employees should be required to wear protective headgear in areas that have high shelving to reduce the level of injury if something were to fall on them.

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Not surprisingly, repetitive stress injuries are also a very common cause of injury. This results from doing a certain task repeatedly for an extended time period. This can be something as simple as typing or more intense like cranking a heavy lever. Teaching employees the best posture to use while on the job as well as stretches and exercises to relieve tension can help reduce the occurrence of these types of injuries.

The key to reducing accidents in the workplace is creating an environment in which the employees are aware of where the risks lie. They should also be encouraged to take action if they see something that could be a hazard and remove it. Promoting safety has been proven to reduce accidents in just about any work environment.